How can this application help you?

Flight list with detail

The application keeps the information of the day, and all the days you have been using it. You can access this information thru the reporting functionality. This information will help you keep track of your business. Remember loads to skydivers and see who is a frequent customer.

With the application helping you, the load organization, tandem reception, receiving payment, and staff payment will be quite faster and less prone errors.

It is not unusual to wait a long time for my bill to be calculated or to see someone reading the manifest of the weekend trying to find my name in all the flights just because the DZ does not have a manifest application or the manifest and paying desk cannot access it at the same time or different places. With this application paying the bill at the DZ will be a breeze. The bill is always up to date and does not interfere with the manifest.

If you have different staff working on different parts of the manifest, the application will help to maintain the information flow between them.

All the information is maintained in server s and is accessible to you. The use of manifest written on a paper is no longer needed to know how many jumps someone has performed. The manifest information is all accessible in the application.

Having an application helping you in your organization, will free you for other tasks that can improve your business. Arrange more loads, pay more attention to skydivers or do what you think your drop zone can benefit from.

What do you think if you go to a store that does not have a register? The use of computer does not make your DZ a nicer DZ, but will transmit a more modern image. Having this application helping you will not take away the personality from your DZ. The application is adaptable to your work method.