So much to tell, so little space.

Flight list with detail
  • Search skydivers by their name or call sign. Check the jump history and today's jumps. When you need to select a skydiver, do it by his/her call sign. Only skydivers present in the zone are eligible to enter in loads.
  • Begin the day by indicating what staff is present.
  • Define, for each skydiver, what roles can he/she play in a jump: tandem instructor, coach, camera flyer, AFF instructor, AFF student, fun jumper, etc.
  • Assign extra costs to skydivers. Sporadic, like reserve repack, sleep over or default extra costs per jump, like gear renting and pack jobs.
  • Define your own roles and types of jumps. For each role in a jump, assign three values, Regular, Member and Staff. Payment or receiving.
  • Create all the loads at the beginning of the day, or as you go. Manage more than one airplane with different amount of slots and back-to-back time.
  • When reserving a jump, an email is sent to the client. He/She will fill the data needed for the waiver so you can print it when they arrive. With a click, turn the reserved tandems into jumps.
  • Manage the load by adding prepared jumps, groups of fun jumpers or basic jumps.
  • Get detailed reports of activities, flight resume, flight manifest, payments, jump report and payments.