Mirroring reality

So many things going on in a DZ

Skydivers, Jumps, Airplanes, Tandem Students, and more. Everything is connected in the DZ, and must be connected with the application so it reflects the business and is intuitive to use.

Not only does DZ Boss reflect the logical entities, but it also reflects the processes.

A skydiver arrives at the DZ and needs a waiver in a language that he/she understands. You can print the waiver in the skydiver preferred language with all data already filled. After the skydiver is marked present in the DZ, he/she can now be added to some load with the type of jump that he/she will perform.

A jump can be composed of one or more skydivers, and each skydiver can pay a different price for it.

A coach, AFF or tandem jump has a cost to the student and a profit to the coach/instructor.

Your staff probably pays a different price to jump, and you have a frequent flyer club member price different from regular price.

When someone reserves tandem, you need to choose the type of tandem and scheduled it. When they arrive, they need to sign the waiver and be assigned a student instructor and a flight.

At the end of the day, you want to see the reports of the activity.