Web Based.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Web Based Application

Access the application from a PC, tablet or other device capable of running a web browser. We prefer Google Chrome.

Use multiple accesses simultaneously. You can have an access in the Manifest desk registering new skydivers and tandem students. At the same time, another person can organize loads in other PC.

Take work home (please, don't). You can print the reports of the day or analyze the data away from the DZ.

High performance. Servers are made to work faster than normal desktops. Using the desktops for the user interface and the server for calculation and database tasks is an efficient workload.

Multi-language support. You have international skydivers, tandem students or staff? The application supports different languages for users, and clients (waivers).

Always up to date. Being a web based application, it allows the application to be update on the servers by us. Keep your PC up to date, we will take care of the application.

Focus on DZ management. Leave the IT tasks to IT professionals. Backups, updates, security and so on are concerns of dedicated IT professionals.