DZ Boss

What is it?

DZ Boss is a web based application created and designed to help you manage your DZ day-to-day activity.

It can handle several airplanes with different characteristics, different types of jumps AFF, Static Line, Fun, Hop & Pop and more. If the ones that come with the applications are no good, or you need special prices for a boogie or safety day, you can define your own types. Deactivate the ones that you don't use and they will not appear in the list.

DZ Boss runs on web browser, this means that it can run on a PC, notebook, notepad or even on a smart phone or TV with web browser.

The tasks that a user can perform are only available if that user has the role to execute them. This way, only a user with payments role, can confirm the payments, and only a user with the Load Organizer, can assign jumps to flights. Of course, a user can have multiple roles.

There is no extra cost per terminal used or per application user.

DZ Boss also includes a fully functional scheduler to manage Tandem Reservations. This includes an intuitive calendar and an email to the client confirming the reservation and asking for additional data in an online form.

DZ Boss works with three different prices for each item/service: regular, club member and staff

We believe in perusing perfection, but we don't believe in achieving it. The application is always improving based on your feedback.

DZ Boss was developed and will be maintained in order to be it's easy and fast to use. Our goal is to give you more and to reduce your work.